The Breakdown
The Buyers Club asked me to promote their monthly record fair and the natural wines they offer at an event call Winyl. To understand their audience and get a feel for the Buyers Club I attended the record fair with my camera. The Buyers Club had bottles of wine on every shelf which drew my attention. I then began to play around with some ideas (see the images below). I wanted to put the audience in the environment when they could see the flyer. I did this by having it in a first-person view with the person holding a record and glass of wine in either hand and the shelves full of wine as the backdrop but including some records to give me space to put the information about the event.
For the logo I wanted it to express the vibe of the event and incorporate elements of the records and wine, but not in an over the top way. I did this by first using a circle to represent the record, the lines which radiated out showed the “sound”, then the text “Winyl” was added with a nice bold script font. To include the wine element I saw that I could play with the letter “i” and change the top into a wine glass which is nicely hidden.
When it was time to get the flyers printed I wanted to stay with the feel of the record fair and when I went to the fair myself I noticed that all the records were in open-top cardboard boxes with marker pen text describing the genre or size. This made me try the print on cardboard which worked great and the client loved it too. 
As the Buyer Club has so much character, they agreed that I could do a promo video when I suggested it to them. At the Winyl event, I wanted to stay out of the way as much as possible to get natural shots of people looking at records, drinking wine, and having a great time.
Music - Carol Anderson - You Boy - Mid-Town
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